Christian the Lion in YouTube’s 50 Best Videos

March 31, 2010

I’m very excited the Christian the Lion clip is included in the YouTube’s 50 Best Videos on the Time Magazine website.  Here’s a link to the clip on the Time website. 

YouTube Top 50 Time Magazine March 2010

YouTube Top 50 Time Magazine March 2010 from

I’m just back from LA and will be posting an update imminently.

4 Responses to “Christian the Lion in YouTube’s 50 Best Videos”

  1. Andrea Says:

    The best video in the world!

  2. Michelle Says:

    When I first saw the Christian the Lion video, I cried and cried..and then cried some more, out of sheer joy at what I was watching. The video, which I have viewed numerous times, still touches me deeply and brings me to tears like nothing else I have ever seen. To me, the story of Christian, Ace and John can be summed up into one word. Love.

  3. Randi Daeger Says:

    It would have been surprising had thse clip not made the top 50. Christian’s, John’s and Ace’s story is still with me! The very best forwarded emails I have ever recieved. God Bless you guys.

  4. toni francis Says:

    Ace – your blog is absolutely wonderful – what a lot of work you have put into it – well done.

    x Tones.

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