A Lion Called Christian paperback edition out now in Australia

April 29, 2010

I’m excited that the paperback edition of A Lion Called Christian is now available in Australia and I look forward to talking about it in the coming weeks.

5 Responses to “A Lion Called Christian paperback edition out now in Australia”

  1. Dear Ace warm greetings from Oklahoma,I was sent the u tube video, I was speechless all the emotions in one big lion and the love you and John gave him was beautiful.Thank you for Sharing. I lost my Mother last year, Christian has saved me instead of cry over my mom, I cry over Christian. Congrats on your blog. Thank you Ace

  2. Susana Says:

    Dear Ace,
    Where and when can we by the new edition of Christian the lion?
    Congratulations for your blog.
    Greetings from Spain!

  3. Lori Says:

    Oops, I notice that I usder the wrong there at the end of my comments. Somethimes at the end of the day, I think my brain seperates from the rest of me.

  4. Lori Says:

    Dear Ace,

    Greetings again from Los Angeles. The children were so excited that you took the time to respond to their comments. I made a copy for them to put in their books. Thank you so much. We have discussed some of their questions and found answers, but I think that they are so in wonder over your story that they keep asking the same ones. They also seem to have a difficult time understanding the passage of time.

    Some of the children are still sending in letters to you. They are really touching and truly heartfelt.

    ZJ – Letter One

    Ace, I love animals too just like you! Ace, I love your book so much. I liked the part when he jumped on you and John. Are John and you going to meet again?

    Below are hearts and pictures. In them, she wrote: I miss Christian – I just want to cry. We love him. I know he still loves you guys.

    Letter Two

    Ace, do you miss him? I miss him and I love him sooo much. Ace, do you get to see another lion like Christian? Do you miss him? I wish I will meet a lion like Christian one day too.

    SG – What did Christian eat? Did Christian have sharp teeth? Was Christian big? I loved the book of Christian. When you and John played soccer, did Christian pop the soccer ball? Was Christian heavy when he got on you and John? I enjoyed your book. Was it fun playing with Christian?

    CR – Ace, how was it like having a lion? How did Christian climb? My favorite part was Christian counting the baby chicks. Ace, have you ever slept on the same bed as Christian? I like your stories.

    IR – Letter One

    I like animals like you do. I liked your book. My favorite part was when Christian jumped on the T.V. My other favorite was when Christian looked outside. I liked when Christian was playing with Ace. How did Christian know how to play games?

    Letter Two

    Where is John? Is he in his city? Did you come to the U.S.A.? We love you. (There is a picture of you and Christian with a big pink heart.)

    MB – I wish I had Christian. How was it to keep Christian?

    ALS – Letter One

    Dear Ace, John, and Christian,

    What was it like playing with Christian? Why did you buy a lion? (It is signed and there are hearts all over with a picture of Christian.)

    Letter Two

    My dog Charlie flew on an airplane to go to California. Charlie is brown and white. I will take good care of Charlie.

    J.J. – Hi Ace. I have a new dog. It looks like a little mouse. It is so cute. Her name is Boo-boo.

    I too have a new dog. Her name is Makenzie and she is a 12 week old white, brown, and black cocker spaniel, and full of energy! I also have two other cocker spaniels and a cat. My male, Maverick, does not play much. He is 4, and he is lazy. My other female, Madison, has just been lying under the apple tree squeeking toys since Maggie passed away. Maggie was 8, and she was the organizer of play in the backyard. Since getting the new puppy, order has been restored in the household. Madison has assumed the alpha role. My cat though is the boss of all of us. She already has the puppy in line. Her name is Mimi, but her nickname is Annible Lector. We don’t mess around with her. She dictates when she wants to be fed, held, and rubbed. If done incorrectly, we all get clobbered. I am not supposed to let her outside per the adoption agreement, but after reading your book, I decided to give it a go and let her have some freedom. She now has access to the doggie door to go in or out as she chooses. This has helped her personality tremendously. She enjoys lying in the backyard with the dogs in the morning, and around noon, she is ready for a nap. She doesn’t wander off.

    Over here in the States, we have so many issues that are troubling. The oil spill in the gulf is devastating. We are in spring and the birds are nesting. The coast by the Mississippi River has sanctuaries where specific birds return to nest. I’m afraid that we won’t know the true impact of this. We are already seeing its effect, because the birds seem to mistake the oil for kelp and dive through it to catch fish and they are now covered in oil.

    Another concern is the economy in California. The State is so over drawn and cash poor, that we are now going to close school five days earlier this year, and seven days next year. After the Northridge earthquake, schools in Los Angeles were closed for a week. The State made us make them up at the end of the school year, so it is difficult to comprehend them closing early. It is difficult to see our politician use children’s education as a way to save money and cut cost. They are our future. Our school used to have an assistant full time in every classroom. Now we are lucky to get 2 hours a day of help. Of course as an educator, I am a little biased.

    The school I work at is unique compared to most schools in L.A. It is a K-12. The children start at 5 years and attend until 18. we have a farm on campus, so every spring we have baby bunnies, ducks, and last year goats, and this year a lamb. Not all of the children have pets, so it is wonderful to see them interact with the animals. We are looking for a new focus for our school, and we have been discussing have it be the environment. We focus on Earth Day, and we add environmental activities where the older children work with the younger children regarding ways we can save the planet. Our class focus is recycling, reducing trash, and reusing. Many of the children now use lunchboxes with plastic containers. Their is still an amazing amount of trash generated at a school daily!

    Our math topic this week is graphing and organizing data. I put up a daily question for the class. Who would you rather meet – Ace or President Obama. The results were Ace, 22 President Obama 0. The children truly adore you! We are again so greatful that you shared your story and that you have taken the time to acknowedge us. Thank you

    • acebourke Says:

      In haste…I so much loved your reply and I really appreciate it – it is how I would like the blog to work – – your family pet updates – new dog, Mimi! etc – and all the comments from the children – will you thank them? I will reply properly. It looks as if a film will probably be made and we will come to LA a few times – and I would love to visit the school if this is appropriate. I am answering in haste to say have you checked Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots projects for schools – it sounds very good. (www.janegoodall.org – we have “au” on the end here).My very best wishes to everyone. Say I am very touched as would John be (he is in London and spends half his time here and there), and will answer some of their very good questions soon. Terrible about the oil spill which of course we are all following with great alarm. best wishes to you ACE

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