A Lion Called Christian Documentary

March 15, 2011

I found out today that the 2009 documentary A Lion Called Christian is going to be shown on the Bio channel on Foxtel in Australia at 9.30pm on Thursday 17 March.

Click here to see a preview of the show.  I hope you can watch it!

15 Responses to “A Lion Called Christian Documentary”

  1. Susan K. (Canada) Says:

    Hmmm….I wonder if it may be possible to have Youtube ‘reinstate’ the original Christian video with all of it’s treasured posted comments?! In today’s digital age, it seems, nothing is ever truely deleted or untrackable or gone ‘forever’, as demonstrated by Julian Assange’s Wiki Leaks: top-secret information that was never expected to get out and be publicly exposed. It would seem reasonable that the original Christian post could still exist on Youtube’s server hard drive somewhere.

    • acebourke Says:

      This is a very interesting idea and I was upset at losing all those 20 million hits and comments too. Why don’t you leave a comment on the reposted video by TadManly2 (see my blog March 28 2011) and ask him to investigate. I must leave a comment myself sometime – I read many of the comments a few weeks ago. We are very grateful to TadManly2 for the master stroke of adding Whitney’s I’ll Always love You which was a brilliant choice and was perfectly timed and edited.

      • Susan Says:

        Query Ace…..have you conversed with TadManly2, i.e., learned his given name or inquired of his? impetus to apply song to film footage?

      • acebourke Says:

        I did contact him when his Christian reunion site which had the most YouTube hits was removed – rather effecting our total hits in a big way! He was responsible for first using I’ll Always Love You. Even before Whitney died, her song seemed to be removed off various sites -The View was one of the last to still have it.

  2. grace Says:

    Dear Ace
    Once again thankyou for posting this on Christian. I have the dvd, the book as well as the childrens book which would appeal to any child. It is always good to see anything about Christian and I am in the process of buying Born Wild by Tony Fitzjohn who I’m sure helped make Christian’s life at Kora that little bit easier. He must have missed you and John very much as you both would have missed having him with you as well. Warm regards and please keep putting these up CHEERS.

  3. Susan Boyle Says:

    Good evening, Ace

    Thank you for the update on Christian’s documentary, I’ve seen it many times however in the States we won’t be getting the documentary at this time, although I believe we cannot show it enough times.

    I responded to you regarding your name of Anthony and I hope that I did not upset you – Ace is a lovely name and in the future I shall always refer to you as “Ace”.

    Currently, Libya is being attacked by the allies and the first person I thought of was you because of how deeply you feel and care about these situations – I am an American and to be honest with you, I’m so confused – yes, I believe that Kadafy MUST stop killing his own people, however, how much of the truth are we being told? My friends many times accuse me of being naive to many situations in life (I try to think that people live as I do) but I truly don’t know what to think.

    Since I’ve been 14 years old, my life has been involved in school and the medical field and I’ve really never paid attention to the political world, in all honesty it scares me.

    I am a Respiratory Therapist and I work with people with any type of breathing problems including people who are heavy smokers, cystic fibrous patients, people with tracheostomies, people who were in severe accidents (Respiratory Therapists are required to respond to every code to maintain airway and breathing in a critical patient) our biggest job is to maintain ventilators or respirators (a machine that breathes for a patient and keeps them alive) I’ve been a Respiratory Therapy for 23 years and more times than I wish to recall, I’ve had to remove a patient from a ventilator to allow them to die – in most cases, the family stay in the room while I remove their loved one from “life support” and the scene is horrible – the family need support at this time and I stay in the room with the famiily and grieve with them – most of my co-workers think I’m crazy to do this – they simply remove the patient from “life support” and walk away. I’m sorry, I think that I’ve said too much at this time, however, like you, my heart bleeds for people and in MANY cases I feel so helpless and in my own simple way I try to do the best that I can.

    Please keep sending your wonderful blogs, we love them ! ! !

    Sue B.

  4. Jilly Waumsley Says:

    I loved the documentary so much I bought the DVD, books etc. I even went to Africa because George was my childhood hero and I just wish I could have met him and spent time with him and Christian.

  5. Loris Siddons Says:

    We absolutely enjoyed the program.
    I’m afraid that everytime I view yours & John’s return the first time to see Christian (I have the Youtube version in my bookmarks), I end up with tears streaming down my face.
    He was a beautiful lion, and you both should be very very proud of the way you brought Christian up, and allowed him to return to the wild to be with his own.
    Thankyou again.

  6. Tarpayné Tóth Gabriella Says:

    Thank you! I look at from Hungary.

    Best regards

    • acebourke Says:

      I think it will only be shown in Australia – but hopefully it will be broadcast sometime so you can see it. There is a DVD if you are extra keen! Thanks for your interest. ACE

  7. Heulwen Says:

    Ace, I’m wondering which is the correct time, – you mention the time on Bio in Aus. as 6:30, but have just watched the trailer on the ‘Watch on Promo’ and it is 9:30. I’m just wondering if I can ‘magic’ the viewing somehow from the UK, but perhaps not. Although I have watched it on video so many, many times, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to watch again. It will be one of the biggest treat for people who have not heard about or seen ‘Christian’ before. Great. 🙂

    • acebourke Says:

      I think it is only shown in Australia, and there seems to be some confusion about the time – we have different time zones. I don’t even have cable


  8. Radek Says:

    super, :)))
    6.30pm on Thursday 17 March – This is an Australian time? What is European please? Radek

    • acebourke Says:

      I think it is only shown in Australia this time…there is a DVD however, and it seems to be broadcast from time to time elsewhere. Thanks for your interest! best wishes ACE

  9. hetti Perkins Says:

    Can’t wait to see it again – I’m just loving seeing it advertised

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