Petition for Tony the Tiger

January 25, 2012

Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger

Happy (Chinese) New Year!  I’m enjoying a lazy summer and I am immersed in the Australia/India Test cricket matches and the Australian Tennis Open.  I’m off to Melbourne to see the semi-finals etc. I’m THINKING about the imminent and overdue next blog!

I thought, however, that many of you would like to sign this petition for Tony the Tiger to be released into an animal sanctuary.

For background information refer to this link.

It seems due to appeals against successful court rulings in Tony’s favour, and yet another lawsuit filed by his owner, Tony is still in his cage.  Also deeply concerning is talk of Tony being sent to a “roadside zoo”, hence the word “reputable” in the petition.

9 Responses to “Petition for Tony the Tiger”

  1. tracy dunn Says:

    signed and posted to facebook. Ta Ace for the chance to help Tony.

  2. nikkie Says:

    please do NOT let this happen……

  3. […] with John Rendall of ”A Lion Called Christian,” for posting Tony’s newest petition on his blog. Ace has been a strong supporter of Tony and his relocation to a humane reputable big cat […]

  4. William Says:

    This is so disgraceful. It is unbelievable that this poor tiger’s welfare is not put first. I shall certainly sign the petition.

  5. Petr Says:

    Freedom for ALL TIGRES!


  6. Signed and shared on facebook and twitter.

    So good of you to help free Tony!

    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  7. No, I can’t believe that this is still ongoing. I haven’t seen another petition since last year, way before Christmas. He is so lovely, reminds me a little of christian in a way, and I feel for him. Please let him be free to roam about in a proper compound.

  8. Dee Says:

    Thank you Ace for your continued support of and concern for Tony. Networking this petition helps keep Tony’s story visible, and people informed, involved and supportive. We will continue to advocate on Tony’s behalf for the home, care and life he needs and deserves.

  9. Mary Stock Says:

    I signed the petition to help someone who can’t help himself right now, despite his vaunted physical prowess (oh, if there were only a fair fight between him and his owner!), and also in honor of the wonderful Christian, the true king of lions.

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