Christian photograph by Ace Bourke 1972

Christian photographed by Ace Bourke 1972

This Saturday, 15 March 2014, many people around the world will be joining the Global March For Lions to raise awareness about the trophy and canned hunting of lions in South Africa. See –

It is legal in South Africa to breed lions in captivity, hand rear them for use in the cub petting industry, then shoot them in an enclosure!  I find it inconceivable that people can actually enjoy hunting animals.

You may want to sign the AVAAZ petition against South African lions being slaughtered for their bones and organs.

See here for the list of the many cities around the world participating in this Global March For Lions.

In Australia, you can march this Saturday in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. You can also find more information on Facebook for the Sydney event here and more general formation about the Global March here

John Rendall has just returned from Kenya and will be speaking at the London march in Trafalgar Square.

I will be outside NSW Parliament House, Sydney at 11am this Saturday and marching with the Animal Works team, a conservation non-profit organisation.

Since Christian’s time, like many other animals, there are 70% fewer lions in Africa.  We have to take urgent action, and I know many of you will be supporting the Global March For Lions.